Tech Summit 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany)

A global and free event from Microsoft for the community to show off all the new cool stuff, Microsoft will provide in the actual and the next year. Also, the strategy of Microsoft for the next time is shown by high-ranking speakers from all around the globe. This year Microsoft’s topics were focused on the … Continue reading Tech Summit 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany)


DevOps Deluxe with Donovan Brown and Abel Wang at Microsoft Germany

Today I have had a highlight in my personal DevOps career since I met Sam Guckenheimer (Product Owner of Visual Studio) and Brian Harry (Product Owner of Team Foundation Server) at the ALM Days 2012 in Munich. But let me start at the very beginning of this crazy day today in 2018 and DevOps. Some … Continue reading DevOps Deluxe with Donovan Brown and Abel Wang at Microsoft Germany

Microsoft Strategy Day 2017

Today I traveled to Microsoft Cologne (Germany) for the Strategy Day 2017. It was very interesting to see Microsoft's ideas of how we can work together in small teams, talking about security and technology in our Datacenter and look forward for innovations like blockchain and the usage of it with best practices and use cases. … Continue reading Microsoft Strategy Day 2017

Be an MVP

Yesterday I realized that I have been writing software with and for Microsoft systems for more than 28 years. I help every day colleagues, friends and the community to solve their challenges and no one actually gets anything from it. Above all, not Microsoft. So, I decided to use my technical help for the community … Continue reading Be an MVP