Microsoft Strategy Day 2017

Today I traveled to Microsoft Cologne (Germany) for the Strategy Day 2017. It was very interesting to see Microsoft's ideas of how we can work together in small teams, talking about security and technology in our Datacenter and look forward for innovations like blockchain and the usage of it with best practices and use cases. … Continue reading Microsoft Strategy Day 2017


SSL Offloading side effects

Secure socket layer (SSL) certificates provide authentication between a server and a client computer in a Web application. Companies or businesses with a dedicated SSL certificate must host that certificate on a Web server. Heavy use of the certificate can put a strain on the machine and slow down the application. Features SSL offloading takes … Continue reading SSL Offloading side effects

Features in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 adds a number of new features and brings a focus on data consumption, code simplification and performance. Perhaps the biggest features are tuples, which make it easy to have multiple results, and pattern matching which simplifies code that is conditional on the shape of data. But there are many other features big and small. If you … Continue reading Features in C# 7.0

Features in C# 6

A colleague of mine recently asked me if I could not list again the most important features from C# 6? Since I could not stand back I have summarized some points again for her and for you. 😉 When Visual Studio 2015 (internal version number 14) was released on July 20, 2015, Microsoft also presented … Continue reading Features in C# 6

1st Forum Open Government

How can digital change be implemented in the public administration so that it has a social benefit? How can a successful digitalization strategy look like, which creates more transparency for citizens? The Kreis Lippe would like to pursue these questions at the 1st Forum Open Government, which taked place on 30 August 20 17. The … Continue reading 1st Forum Open Government

No ISO, no cry – Visual Studio 2017 installation behind a proxy or firewall (HowTo)

A new day in paradise! Microsoft has no ISO file for the new Visual Studio 2017, what will make it a little bit confusing how you should install VS2017 on a business VM with no internet connection. The Microsoft Visual Studio FAQ sais: Where can I find ISO Images? We don't have ISO files for … Continue reading No ISO, no cry – Visual Studio 2017 installation behind a proxy or firewall (HowTo)

Let’s reduce technical dept today

What is technical dept? If we ask our friend Google he will tell us something from Wikipedia for example: "Technicall dept, also known as design dept or code dept is a concept in the software development that describes the implied costs of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution instead of using a better … Continue reading Let’s reduce technical dept today