Microsoft is calling from Redmond

Since I was able to turn on a Windows PC as a jung boy, it was a dream of me, to be invited to the Microsoft headquarter in Redmond (USA) when I’m older. My hole career was focused on that goal.

Now the time has come and I get a call from Microsoft, inviting me to visit the Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Redmond. So in April 2019 a personal dream come true and I will travel around the globe, to stand there where Bill Gates has transformed and Satya Nadella is transforming the life of nearly any people on earth in the last 44 years with great technology. This is really a big deal for me and I’m so thankful that this dream will come true.

Some details about the Microsoft campus:

“The Microsoft campus is the informal name of Microsoft‘s corporate headquarters, located at One Microsoft Way in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft initially moved onto the grounds of the campus on February 26, 1986, weeks before the company went public on March 13. The headquarters has experienced multiple expansions since its establishment.

It is estimated to encompass over 8 million square feet (740,000 m2) of office space and 30,000–40,000 employees. Additional offices on the Eastside area of the Seattle metropolitan area are located in Bellevue and Issaquah. Building 92 on the campus contains a visitor center (with interactive exhibits) and store that are open to the public.”

Source: Wikipedia

I guess this will be a nice time in April and I’m going to see Seattle (Wahington), too. There I will have a coffee in the world’s first Starbucks and dinner in the Space Needle far up in the sky.

Of course I will post photos and articles as often as I find the time. I hope that I will meet one or the other there.

Have a nice day!


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