Change of perspective

Agile software development means achieving goals in a team and successfully together with our customers

No, the truth is

That agility is just loud and shrill

I cannot believe

That I can drive software development with agility

That I find the way to an innovative future

That I can align myself with what is coming

It is like this

Time is running out and we have to implement projects with big technical debts, to the detriment of our customers

I refuse to believe

That self-organizing teams are able to create real value for our customers

That I can see with different eyes

It is very clear

That we are better positioned without a change, towards more agile software development

I cannot believe

Nothing will change

It would be a lie, I would say:

Agility works for our customers and us!


Now read the text from the bottom up!
Merry Christmas! 😉





One Comment Add yours

  1. Mirko Strüßmann says:

    It always depends on your point-of-view. 🙂


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