Build, ship, run with Docker

Did you realize that every time you need a webservice, a website or an application on your staging machines like dev, integration, test and production, your admin gives you a dedicated virtual machine? This machine has a separate Windows or Linux installed, a configuration of the whole operating system and the application host like IIS or Apache or what else configured manually. Then there is the special configuration of your app and something more…

Ok, let us now say you will no longer need this dedicated machines. Instead you will have one machine on which the operating system runs and is configured one time and only your application and the app configuration is virtualized in a virtual container. This would be cool, wouldn’t it? And now let us say there is no more need of a webserver, because it is packed into this virtual container with all configurational files as well… Docker will do exactly this stuff for you. And trust me, it just works. Amazing, isn’t it? And the best thing: Docker runs on Linux and on Windows and is embedded in Windows Server 2016 by default. This fact will give you the choice of being very fast in your deployment process or do the dedicated stuff if you want to.

Hint: Microsofts Visual Studio 2017 can build Docker Container by default, if you want to.

If you have any question about Docker or the VS 2017 integration, please feel free to ask me down there in the comment section.



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